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"Susan DeFace Washington is the real deal. She is one of the most powerful, heartwarming, spirit filled speakers we have been blessed to hear. Women of all ages were  blessed by her testimony and her message of hope, forgiveness and God's redeeming love for all people no matter the circumstances in your past or present situation.  We have had many speakers for our Women's Events at First Baptist Church Carrollton and  I can honestly say Susan ranks as one of the most outstanding speakers we have had." 

- Beverly Anderson, Women's Ministry Coorinator for First Baptist Church of Carrollton


"I have practiced criminal law for over twenty years, as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, and I have witnessed up-close the devastating consequences of drug addiction. Prison has a way of getting your attention, and yet, I have seen many disingenuous and counterfeit “jailhouse conversions” in desperate attempts to game the system and receive leniency. I can assure you, there is nothing fake or phony about Susan and her relationship with, and devotion to, Jesus Christ.   

Through faith and perseverance, she has found transforming freedom and undeniable peace and purpose. Susan is the real deal and she possesses a compelling life story and inspiring testimony of God’s unconditional love, saving grace and redemptive power."

- Joe Shearin, Criminal Defense Attorney


We recently had Susan DeFace Washington come and speak at our monthly ladies group at our church. After speaking with Susan to learn more about her story, I couldn’t wait to have her present to our ladies.

When the day finally came, Susan brought her support team, Power Point, and an infectious spirit. Susan was very open and willing to share her story. Her transparency gave us a glimpse into her world that began with pain, lies, and sadness but ends in the victory and joy that can only come from having a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Her story communicated so many things in such a short time. Her story communicates the power of hope, forgiveness, and how nothing we can do will separate us from the love of Jesus. 


"I have had the opportunity to hear Susan DeFace Washington speak on more than one occasion. After hearing her story, all I could think was that it was one of the most courageous testimonies I have ever heard. She is living proof of God’s power and grace."

- Randy Smith of First Baptist Church of Allen

"Susan always had a bottomless well of kindness, patience, humor, and supportiveness. What has been amazing is her recovery process and to hear my old friend, my funny, gifted, brilliant friend re-emerge from what must have been Hell on Earth."

- Peri Gilpin,  American actress known for her role as Roz Doyle in the U.S. television series Frasier

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My name is Susan DeFace Washington and this site is my outreach to those in need of HOPE, PRAYER, and ENCOURAGEMENT in their recovery from drug abuse or any type of bondage.

My desire is for others to experience the freedom that I have found through my relationship with Jesus Christ. One thing that I have learned through all my experiences, mistakes, and choices is that there is always HOPE. Always.

This is my platform to express my life's experiences as I continue to heal.

You'll find a short biography that I hope you'll read, as well as a blog that's an important and needed form of self-expression.  

From Pompoms to Prison is something I'm very excited about! - it's my first book, a personal walk in my shoes. I will lead you through the journey of my life, beginning with the missteps and tragedies, followed by the recovery, triumphs, and victories in my life, through my personal journey with God. I'm very close to being able to share that with all of you.

At one point I would have thought this impossible, but I am once again doing something I'm passionate about -- teaching and speaking to others! 

I would love to share with you and your group my very personal message of hope when all seems hopeless, and redemption, recovery and victory through God's grace.

Thank you and please sign my guestbook, I would love to hear from you!



"Susan DeFace Washington has one of the most powerful stories of redemption I've ever heard. Her story combined with her heart to help others experience the freedom she has found is unmatched. If you ever meet Susan you will know two things immediately: 1. She is a changed person and 2. She cares deeply. Susan has a way of sharing that disarms the hardest cynic with hilarious transparency and blunt truth about life, choices, and the love of God. "    
- Keith Spurgin, Lead Pastor of New Hope Christian Church -Wylie